G&H Trade

Griffin and Highbury is not primarily a trade/wholesaler. The majority of our sales are to end investors, retailers and consumers, so we understand the entire sales process. The most important feature, is that we offer our diamonds at wholesale prices to jewelers and professionals in the trade. In one quick phone call we can open a professional account by giving us some simple trade information about your company. You will then have access to the wholesale prices via email based on request of size, colour, cut, parcel or other.

Trade services

  • Griffin and Highbury offer personal, professional service
  • Return and exchange policies on clear diamonds, based on full Parcel
  • Flexible payment terms (the use of credit cards, deposits)
  • Product warranties and guarantees of service
  • We aim to be a full service company, and can also provide you photos, videos and copies of certificates for our diamonds, without reference to our company and white labeling you, giving you complete discretion in proposing our diamonds to your client.

While G&H pricing follows a wholesale philosophy, we also offer valuable services and benefits more often associated with a retailer. These include: 30-day returns or exchanges, delayed payment, free shipping, quality guarantee and partner programs. G&H is able to offer this compelling blend of wholesale and retail attributes by taking a Pioneering approach to diamond sales. Contact us today to see how we can build a profitable business relation together!