At Griffin and Highbury we believe that the perfect piece of jewelry isn’t sitting, gathering dust in a glass case at a retail store. It hasn’t been conceived, or it’s not a quick click online. We believe it’s made to be uniquely created just for you. Right now it’s a dream; a passing thought, a drawing scribbled on a post it note, a pin on Pinterest, a magazine tear out. It’s waiting to be created for you.

From modern chic, to vintage inspired rings to charms, classic engagement rings to ear climbers, putting a bespoke spin on an old piece and everything in-between. We makes dreams a reality.
Using modern technology and old world artisans we implore current techniques CAD and 3D Printing, as well as hand drawn designs. We help bring ideas to life, design them, and bring them to reality. Original, unbranded, bespoke and handcrafted

  • Personal, professional service
  • Flexible payment terms (the use of credit cards, deposits)
  • Product warranties and guarantees of service

All our jewelry is handmade and custom for our clients – your journey begins here!