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About G&H

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Griffin & Highbury Inc. was formed to offer its clients access to some of the world’s most rare natural colored diamonds and precious gemstones.  This boutique firm was created by industry leaders, combining decades of experience, with a focus on a pioneering approach to hard assets. Our function is to assist in the acquisition, education, and potential re-marketing of precious gemstones. We are committed to unparalleled service by helping our clients navigate through this unique industry.  Our consultants will assure strong acquisitions to enhance and diversify your portfolio. We provide private and discreet acquisitions as well as customized account management.

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Every natural fancy diamond or precious gemstone sold by Griffin and Highbury Inc. is unconditionally guaranteed and risk free to the buyer with regards to quality, carat weight, cut and color. Each acquisition is accompanied by full documentation by the world’s most reputable gemological laboratory. The certification includes carat weight, color as well as cut or dimensions of the precious gemstone.

Should the Buyer choose to incorporate a natural color diamond or precious gemstone into a custom jewelry creation, Griffin and Highbury Inc., will provide a certificate issued by an independent professional gemological appraiser attesting as to the approximate retail replacement value.

  • All transactions are backed by a seven day full money back guarantee.
  • Griffin and Highbury Inc. stand fully committed to quality and service.
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With Griffin and Highbury Inc. you can be assured to be working with professional and knowledgeable representatives. Integrity, honesty and absolute discretion are our core principles.

  • Our ownership and sales representatives are committed to the success of each and every client, whether in acquisition or re-marketing efforts.
  • Each client has complete access to our inventory and any opportunities as they arise. Our global reach gives you entry to some of the world’s premier mines, providing superior pricing for value.
  • Griffin and Highbury Inc. has the necessary educational resources to allow you to make solid and competent choices. We feel educated clients make good decisions.
  • A Canadian, forward-thinking and dynamic approach to business.
  • We observe the highest ethical standards when sourcing our gem stones to confirm they are conflict-free.

Griffin and Highbury (“G&H”) offer a full range of specialized services to our clients, assuring quality and confidentiality:

  • A risk free warranty program on all acquisitions
  • Insured shipping internationally
  • A payment plan option for transactions in excess of $20,000
  • Arrangement of shipment directly to your bank or attorney upon written request


Precious Gemstones

Why acquire Natural Colored Diamonds or Precious Gemstones?


A word that has been gaining a tremendous amount of traction these past years. Record debt levels and record markets, coupled with volatility, are forcing many to look for a more conservative approach to wealth preservation. Fancy colored diamonds and precious gemstones are one of the oldest known ways to store and protect one’s money. It is the most concentrated form of wealth in the world. For centuries these stones have provided safety and opportunity, earning it the title Currency of Crisis.

Supply and Demand:

Top natural fancy colored diamonds have averaged a yearly gain of between 15% and 30% and there has not been a price decrease recorded. Supply and demand plays an integral role in pricing. A diminishing supply has occurred due to lack of new mining opportunity. Markets with high understanding of hard assets such as China and India have helped to increase demand. With the anticipated future closure of the Argyle Mine in Australia, the next several years appear to have the supply to demand gap widening.


Natural colored diamonds and precious gemstones are not a speculative endeavor. Institutional investors and funds have been unable to use these assets in risky trading platforms. Not having the traditional markets speculate in this asset class has allowed for consistent growth as opposed to volatile swings in price. Supply, demand and the availability of quality are the guiding principles.

Portable and Discreet:

Unlike other assets, you can move millions of dollars in the palm of your hand. No other form of wealth can boast of this portability. Being an unregistered asset also adds to the discretion that is so attractive for many. Natural colored diamonds and precious gemstones are easily transferred between generations enabling for a seamless passing of wealth.

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News & Media

Find out about news, media and other GH releases here. Our news releases, media pieces and announcements have the latest details on what's happening with the Griffin and Highbury.

Griffin and Highbury was formed to offer its clients access to some of the world’s most rare natural colored diamonds and precious gemstones.  We have something for everyone  if you're a member of the media and are looking for a story about our business, growth, or how Gem asset is the future of hard good acquisition is a pioneering practice, give us a call – we have a great story to tell. Need a subject matter expert? Call the Media Relations Unit or any member of the communications team in the contact list.

2 May 2014

Natural rough diamond prices may rise 5% to 10% in 2014

  By: Reuters MOSCOW – Natural rough diamond prices may rise 5% to 10% in 2014 on recovering demand for jewellery in developed and emerging markets, the head of Belgium's diamond lobby told Reuters in an interview.   The global market came under pressure in 2013 as a weakening rupee and tight credit conditions suppressed demand from the world's biggest diamond polishing marker, India.   Polished diamond prices increased in all categories in 2014 as

2 May 2014

Diamonds are the world’s most compact, concentrated and portable hard asset.

The Advantages of Diamonds Diamonds are the world's most compact, concentrated and portable hard asset. Pound for pound, a top quality diamond can be 10,000 times more valuable than gold. Because diamonds are resilient, portable, inconspicuous, and highly valuable, they have taken on a role as a safe haven asset used to preserve wealth from the detrimental effects of financial instability. Diamonds possess four sought after advantages over paper assets and some other hard assets:

2 May 2014

28-Carat Kashmir Sapphire Sells for $5 Million, Sets Auction Record

  28-Carat Kashmir Sapphire Sells for $5 Million, Sets Auction Record. A 28.18-carat square emerald-cut Kashmir sapphire sold for nearly $5.1 million. It achieved $180,731 per carat, setting a world auction record of a price per carat of a sapphire. The untreated gem on a ring is framed by 32 tapered baguette diamonds with a mounting by Oscar Heyman & Brothers. It is described by the American Gemological Laboratories as “a gem of singular importance.” The


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